How do I recover my AuthN Zero Touch Portal Account?

How to regain access to your AuthN Zero Touch Portal account e.g. if you have lost access to your authenticator device or deactivated your app installation.

Option 1: Recover your account using your Backup Code (PID)

If you can you still access your mailbox and if you have your Backup Code (PID), you can recover your account easily on a new mobile device.


  • A mobile phone
  • Access to the mailbox of your account
  • Your Backup Code (PID)

Recovery Steps

To recover your device, please follow these steps:

  1.  Install the AuthN app on your new device
  2. Enter your email and confirm the email by clicking on the magic link in your inbox
  3. On the recovery screen in the app, choose ‚ÄúEnter PID‚ÄĚ option
  4. Enter your PID Backup Code and confirm
  5. Your account is now recovered


Option 2: Recover through another administrator

In case you do not remember your backup code or you cannot access your mailbox, please contact any other administrator associated with the account.


  • A mobile phone
  • There are other administrators assigned to the account

Recovery Steps

To recover through another administrator, follow these steps:

  1. Contact the administrator
  2. The other administrator logs in to the portal
  3. The other administrator generates a new invite link for your account and sends it to you
  4. Open the link on your device to register in the app
  5. The other administrator can now grant access to your account using your email
  6. Your access is successfully restored