Digital Identity.
The achilles’ heel of digitisation.

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Customer demands for convenience are changing rapidly and it’s hard for your business to stay relevant.

Customers hate being forced to register over and over again for accessing a new service or entering their information for checkout every time. So they only use the services and products that are easy to use, easy to access and meet their changing demands.

76% of online checkouts are abandoned

Customers abandon you because they can’t get instant access to products and services.

Because today, everything you provide online requires identifying, registering and authenticating the customer. And it doesn’t matter if you offer traditional e-mail and password login, a Single Sign-On or Social Logins – none of these current solutions meet today’s needs because they are not convenience, provide weak security, and do not include payment.

56% of users re-use their passwords

Email/Password Accounts are insecure & inconvenient.

Decades after its invention, the most common security system is still email plus password. And it no longer provides the security needed to prevent phishing and account takeover.

It is also the most inconvenient solution for your customers. Because for each new service, e-commerce store or digital product the customer has to create a new account with a password. That is why customers create easy to guess passwords that are re-used.  And passwords can be easily phished or guessed.

Furthermore, because customers re-use the same email address and passwords, when another store gets compromised, it is easy for hackers to use the compromised credentials to take over your customer accounts.

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Single sign on solutions do not support external services

Single-Sign-Ons are not secure & limit growth.

Switching to SSOs is a massive undertaking for any company.  It requires each customer to sign-up all over again for the new SSO and merge all disparate account information per customer. This is extremely inconvenient for the customer and is an expensive multi-year IT project for the company.

SSOs are only convenient for your existing portfolio. This means increased costs when trying to merge new brands or external partners.  Two SSOs cannot coexist as SSO technology is unidirectional and not mulit-directional.

And SSOs create a single point of failure. That means when the SSO is hacked, a hacker can use the SSO token to access each customer’s account on every service where the SSO is accepted.

Social login solutions make organization's authentication dependent.

Social Login solutions are not secure + make you dependent.

Social Logins help customers sign up more conveniently. But after sign-up, the checkout process, which requires a payment method still, remains an extra step and requires data entry. This means this is not an end-to-end solution that is convenient and requires just one-click!

And for one-half of the solution, sign-up, but no checkout, your whole business relies on the Social Media Provider, which has devastating consequences due to security, fraud and compliance issues.  Not to mention, the customer is beholden to the Social Media Provider and must always login via the Social Media Provider.


Passwords and their re-use make hackers life super easy. Last year, 81% of all cyber breaches were due to weak credentials.And as more services are tied to one password, the higher the risk. 3.801.600 records of social media accounts are stolen every day.


In 2019, Facebook, the social media giant alone deleted 3.2 billion fake accounts between April and September.

The identification of the customer is performed by the third-party provider, too. That means, the trustworthiness of the provided data depends on the sign-up process of the provider.

Business Dependency

If a customer logs into your website using a social login, they are tied to that method of logging in forever. So if your customer decides to not use that social platform anymore, you have lost a customer.
Not only does access to your products and services depend on that third party, so does your compliance. With the many privacy and compliance scandals raging on social media platforms, this becomes an unpredictable risk for your business.

And now?
Let’s look at the facts.

Your business needs data to operate.

Passwords and their re-use make hackers life super easy. Last year, 81% of all cyber breaches were due to weak credentials.And as more services are tied to one password, the higher the risk. 3.801.600 records of social media accounts are stolen every day.

The data you need already exists.

Because with the thousands of services online: Your customers have created accounts a million times with trustworthy services such as banks, insurances, retailers and more that have all meticulously verified the data. They have all the information that is needed.

So why not re-use that data in a secure, convenient and compliant manner?

No current solution solves these problems.

There is no solution that enables an exchange of customer identities, with an easy way to get customer’s consent, that prevents identity theft and account takeovers, provides trustworthy data sources and benefits all stakeholder: the businesses, the users and the regulators.

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